“The Intelligent Solutions safety program has been a vital part of the success of our programs. It is the most comprehensive, most competitively priced safety program in the Used Car Dealer and Tow Truck industry. These programs have saved our overall loss ratio over 20%.

…We attend many conventions throughout the country and are constantly complimented by our insureds and agents about the safety program. This program makes KBK stick out from the competition.”

Ken Murray, President
“Feedback has been good from most of our clients regarding the SafetyPlus program. The increased return rate since the beginning of the year is evidence to that. Clients that I have spoken with are so appreciative that they have a ready safety topic to discuss at company meetings.

From our company’s standpoint, this program has helped us effectively reach a large number of small clients with industry-specific loss control topics, all with a minimal effort on our behalf. Thank you and Fireman’s Fund for this value-added service.”

Dave Snodgrass
“After almost a year of being involved with your program, I am very pleased with the results. The program is both informative and easy to use on a day to day basis. Since the organization of our safety committee employee participation and management involvement have worked side by side for the benefit of all concerned.

Safety is a must in all manufacturing environments and this program helped us in starting the first step to obtain a realistic goal.”

Paul I Alfaro, APT Metal Fabricators
“A little over a year ago, Joe Blahak, of UNICO, introduced me to the safety program, Intelligent solutions. We had decided to upgrade our safety program and Intelligent Solutions was the way to go.

Intelligent solutions rewrote our whole safety program to conform to our needs. We now feel very confident in our safety program and Intelligent Solutions is a large part of it. For anyone rewriting their program, or are in need of a safety program, we strongly recommend Intelligent Solutions.”

Rich Gappa, Interstate Structures, Inc.
“I thought I would share a success story with you with regard to our Intelligent Solutions loss control program.

I sold my first system to a large General Contractor in Calvert County last year on July 1, 1997.

These folks already had what I would call a good loss control system for Employee Safety, but they liked our OCS system even better and they didn’t have anything close to the ELS portion.

While visiting the risk yesterday to renew the account, the decision maker advised me that one of their biggest customers, Mobile Corporation, had just sent them, and every other contractor that does work for Mobile all over the world, a new set of insurance and safety requirements that had to be met. Mobile is stepping up their attention to safety on their jobs all over the world because one person a month is dying on Mobile construction projects and they want that number reduced to zero by the end of 1998.

Mobile is demanding literally everything that the OCS system contains, including procedures for new employee orientation, employee safety manuals, inspections and inspection forms and documentation, emergency actions plans, Hazardous substance policies, OSHA reporting and training guides for all employees. Mobile listed 50 safety guides that employees were to be trained from. Our Employee Safety Manual included about 60 and all of the guides required by Mobile.

Our insured, after having reviewed the requirements of Mobile, and knowing what was already in the Intelligent Solutions system, simply copied the entire system, including the English and Spanish version of the Safety Manual as was also required by Mobile, and included that material with their packet back to Mobile.

Our insured was very pleased that we had offered the system to him last year. He couldn’t imagine what other contractors were going to do that didn’t have this kind of thing at their disposal.”

The BGS&G Companies
“We have been using Intelligent Solutions for some time now as a “value added” service. We offer the service to clients only.

The product has been readily accepted by firms with full-time safety personnel. We had one case where we had just delivered the service prior to the client catching an OSHA inspection. The client had not had time to install the system on his computer so he provided his existing program (which was quite extensive) to the OSHA inspectors. He was cited on several issues. He later checked the Intelligent Solutions system and found that every issue cited was fully covered in the Intelligent Solutions system.

Of course, the product has also been eagerly accepted by our clients who operate without the benefit of a full-time safety man.

Both the Agency and our clients continue to be most pleased with your product.”

Dunlap Insurance Assoc., Inc.
“We purchased a Customized Injury and Illness Prevention Program to augment the existing program at California Amplifier.

Intelligent Solutions was able to identify our specific needs through an assessment process. As a result, we were provided material that directly related to our requirements.

We have been very pleased with the material, level of responsiveness and service provided. Many hours of time and effort have been saved from being able to directly adapt the Intelligent Solutions material to our existing Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

The Monthly Safety Training material is also very beneficial.”

Richard Peterson, California Amplifier, Inc.