How to Save the Money

It doesn’t do much good for us to point out the savings potential we have previously presented if we don’t know how to help your company actually save the money.

We understand what drives losses in the workplace. We know how to properly organize a company for effective safety and how to manage that process to accomplish the savings we identify. We provide a FREE written evaluation of your company and identify specifically what your potential savings are.

We use our own cloud-based software, SafetyStrategy to implement and manage loss prevention in your company.

 SafetyStrategy allows companies to setup multiple locations and departments. It provides 200+ ready-to-use hazard topics with safety training guides and inspection forms in addition to documents and reference materials where needed. With this system you also get already written Company Safety Policies that can be immediately adopted into the company as well as 80 ready-to-use forms for various safety functions to be used on an “as-needed” basis.

SafetyStrategy documents department and individual employee training history as well as the history and results of inspections. We help you meet OSHA compliance.

SafetyStrategy is cloud-based so there are no computers to maintain and no software to manage. It is password protected and accessible 24/7 from any internet connection. This is a proactive management system. Once it is setup, it automatically notifies and provides the materials for each topic as scheduled. It will also send reminders if training and inspections are not completed within a set time.

More important than providing your company with SafetyStrategy is having us partner with you in setting up your program and providing ongoing monitoring and support to assure the savings are realized. We can show you how to take advantage of our loss prevention services at no additional costs to what you are currently spending.