About Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Solutions began business in southern California in 1992. We have marketed our loss prevention systems under several different names:

“Injury and Illness Prevention Program”

“Beyond Compliance Optimum Control System (OCS)”

“Perfect Loss Control System”

In 1999 we developed a web-based loss prevention system based on principles developed in our prior systems and have marketed it under the product name of SafetyStrategy.

From our company’s inception, we have worked to provide affordable, comprehensive loss prevention to every size business. Most important to us has been to assure that our system was effective in reducing and eliminating losses.Many safety programs do not provide the reduction in losses businesses would like to achieve. This is mainly because they are not based on correct principles of loss prevention. Contrary to some peoples’ beliefs, there is a correct and incorrect way to achieve a safety culture within an organization.

SafetyStrategy is a ready-to-use, comprehensive loss prevention system. Any company can become loss free if they will implement and follow the principles we provide in setting up and managing their safety efforts within their company. When we speak of a company being loss free, we recognize there is always the possibility of a freak accident, but generally speaking, any company, regardless of size or type, can be loss free – thereby reducing their costs.

We have designed SafetyStrategy to be used with any size company as well as with MGA programs, captives, and insurance carriers. SafetyStrategy provides multiple interfaces allowing exceptional capabilities in managing and assuring successful loss prevention in almost any situation. Our system runs in the cloud and is a proactive loss prevention program. Any company interested in reducing and controlling the safety of their operations and personnel will benefit by using SafetyStrategy. We invite you to inquire further into what we can offer. We think you will find we can walk the talk.

SafetyStrategy has been used by:

Manufacturers; Contractors; Service companies; Retail establishments; Municipalities; Schools; Airports; Industrial facilities; Tow companies; Car dealerships; Auto repair facilities; Trucking operations; and others.